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Lydia Baillergeau is an award-winning Creative Director at Meta AI with16 years of agency, marketing, and in-house B2B experience.

In her current role at Meta AI, Lydia continues to shape the future of brand design by humanizing artificial intelligence and creating captivating and immersive experiences. She remains at the forefront of industry trends, embracing cutting-edge technologies and pioneering new approaches to engage and captivate audiences in the digital landscape.

Previously to Meta, Lydia served as Creative Director of Brand Design and Video at SurveyMonkey, where she led a talented team of designers, videographers, and animators to evolve the brand.

Lydia is passionate about storytelling, brand strategy, directing, producing, and making the most memorable creative digital content possible.



“no people, just ripples of cloth around number "1", in the style of flowing fabrics and annie Annie Leibovitz, pink and amber, dramatic movement, edges of fabric appear to transparently fade into the black background, looks as if it's floating, photo taken with provia, angelic photograph, terracotta, national geographic photo”

“a map in which there are different types of 'lines' on it, in the style of shiny kitsch pop art carnival of consumerism, on black background, in the style of paula scher maps, mosaic-like pointillism, bloomsbury group, trompe-l'œil graffiti, focus on joints/connections, elaborate calligraphy, light purple and orange”


“story book cover, in the style of louise fili, in the center is a large number "1" with baroque-inspired grandeur, hand lettering, bold typography gold, hand painted details, detailed fine curling plants, vines and flowers, on black background” 

“a black and white profile photo of a lady in a dark frame, light streams across her face as if it's passing through blinds in vertical stripes, vistavision, film grain, in the style Cipe pineles and Alexey Brodovitch, in the style of interplay of light and color, glimmering light effects, black and white photography dark background, 35mm lens, light-focused”

“a blue jay made of old newspaper with letters and headlines still visible, taking flight, feathers made 1915 for the union paper, vintage, one of the wings is dissolving into the background, volumetric dust, , atmospheric, film grain, 8k, on a dark background” - Remix by @Lydia (fast)

“an editiorial spread for a high fashion 1960's editorial magazine a picture of two women swimming in white bathings suits on dark black background, in the style of bea feitler, laszlo moholy-nagy, black and white photography, figures in motion, movement and spontaneously captured, body extensions, interesting negative space, film grain, high angle, graceful, elegant, synchronized swimming” 


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